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Welcome to Comptoir des Millésimes' selection of the Great Wines from 1949. Treat yourself to a unique tasting of a bottle of wine from the 1949 vintage.

We advise you to opt for a great wine for laying down, such as a Rivesaltes wine for example. Indeed, the natural sweet wines with their sugar content and their vinification are made for ageing and will go through the years without any worries. However, some great Bordeaux wines are still growing! Ideal to drink now of course. Although punctuated by difficult climatic conditions, the year 1949 is one of the greatest vintages of the 1940s. The winegrowers having made a very meticulous sorting and thus produced small quantities gave birth to exceptional wines. One will remember their balance, their harmony, their finesse as well as their great basket of fruit!


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Discover the most beautiful successes of the 1949 vintage online on Comptoir des Millésimes and at the best price. However, quantities are very limited for such an old vintage! Do not hesitate to consult our stocks constantly in order to discover our latest arrivals. Find the grands crus from 1949 that you are looking for with a fixed delivery charge of 7 € whatever the number of bottles from 1949 that you buy.

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