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Here is the famous Champagne House: Rupper-Leroy. Find all the most beautiful references of this prestigious estate on Comptoir des Millésimes. This is one of our partner estates, which means that their wines are shipped directly to our cellar following bottling at their estate. Each year, the estate reserves an allocation of their cases of wine for us. So don't hesitate to create an email alert on Domaine Rupper-Leroy to be kept informed of the latest arrivals first.


Presentation of Rupper-Leroy

The vine is part of a complex whole made up of energy that links together liquid, solid and gaseous elements. In all our actions on the soil, the vine and the wine we take into account our environment and its different rhythms. Our estate extends over 4 ha, in Essoyes, on the Côte des Bar, in the Aube department, on south/south-east facing slopes. In 2010, we began a conversion to Organic Agriculture and started to vinify our harvests. We also respect the principles of biodynamics and our grapes are certified Demeter in 2014. We also live on a farm with cows, sheep, horses... which allows us to understand biodynamics in its entirety. Use of light machinery to avoid compacting the soil, spreading of our farm compost and horn dung to develop a complex microbial life, Horn silica, herbal teas, plant decoctions for the balance of the vine and the vigour of its natural defence system, weaving of the upper tillers of the vine so as to no longer remove the tops of the apexes and thus avoid major stress. Disbudding to reason the yields, Great attention paid to the grapes during the harvest: ripe grapes and sorting at the time of picking. The search for practices that are ever more respectful of living things leads us to the spirit of natural wines.

To enhance the expression of our terroirs, we make one cuvée per year by separating each parcel.


The Domaine's Cuvées

All our vintages are vinified in the same way :

Vinification with the indigenous yeasts of our grapes, without fining or filtration and without expedition liquor. The cold passage is done naturally by taking advantage of the winter frosts. Alcoholic fermentation and ageing on lees in barrels and demi-muids for 9 months. Natural malolactic fermentation. Keep in the bottle, on the lees, for 18 to 20 months. Our wines can be enjoyed as an aperitif but also throughout a meal at 11°C. 




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