Premier grand cru classé A - Saint-Emilion

Château Angélus, is a 39-hectare wine-growing estate located in the Gironde region of France, in Saint-Émilion.

What are the particularities of Château Angélus?

A Premier Cru Classé taking its name from the winegrowers who intended to ring the angelus simultaneously in the three churches of the medieval town of Saint-Emilion.

Currently co-director, Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal since 2012, joined by her cousin Thierry Grenié in 2016, is the fourth generation of the family to run the estate.

The grape varieties of the Château Angélus is composed of:

  • Merlot 51%
  • Cabernet Franc 47%
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 2%

Established in silico-calcareous and clay-limestone soil, the vine has produced a legendary wine for decades. The soil is naturally drained by the slope.  It delivers its gustatory qualities from its youth, while retaining a real aptitude for ageing. It should be noted that this cru has obtained, in the new classification of Saint-Emilion (AOC) of 2012, the status of 1er grand cru classé A.

In 2018, Stéphanie Boüard-Rivoal announces that the vineyard will begin a transition to organic farming. An agriculture more respectful of the environment that the co-director wants to honour for the continuity of the estate.

The Château Angélus is renowned to be a silky wine of very high maturity dominated by the freshness of its aromas, a perfect balance dominated by floral, red fruit, vanilla and liquorice notes.

The estate also produces a second wine "Carillon de l'Angelus". Coming from a different terroir from Château Angélus, it is not considered as a second wine by the estate in order to give it its own identity.

The Château produces the "N°3 d'Angélus" from a selection of young vines from the estate. Predominantly Merlot, it is a wine for tasting in its youth.

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Best vintages of Angélus: 2005, 2010, 2009, 2000, 1990

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