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Silex 2020 - Didier Dagueneau
2020 Loire Loire Silex 2020 - Didier Dagueneau
Dry white Dry white
Domaine Partenaire
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6 in stock
6 in stock
Domaine Partenaire
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Domaine Didier Dagueneau - Great wines of the Vallée de la Loire

The famous Domaine Dagueneau founded in 1982 is located in Saint-Andelain in the region of the Pays de La Loire. Internationally renowned for its great Sauvignon wines, the estate did not have an easy start: the public did not understand Didier Dagueneau's non-traditional methods. Since the death of Mr. Didier Dagueneau in 2008, his children have been in charge of the estate. The tradition is preserved by the Dagueneau children: Louis-Benjamin excels in viticulture and Charlotte takes care of the commercial part. An artisan spirit, high quality, exceptional Sauvignon. The work of the vine in lutte raisonnée, the meticulous sorting of the grapes, the de-budding to control the yields and the manual harvest contribute largely to the success of the estate. Thanks to his precious savoir-faire, Louis-Benjamin Dagueneau was elected Winemaker of the Year by the Revue du Vin de France.

The most coveted and most untraceable cuvée of Domaine Dagueneau is the "Asteroid" cuvée. It is produced in confidential quantities (about 600 bottles) from a few ungrafted rows preserved from phylloxera. It is an extremely rare and exceptional cuvée.

Didier Dagueneau's great vintages

Find the great cuvées on the AOC Pouilly-Fumé and Sancerre of Domaine Didier Dagueneau on Comptoir des Millésimes. The emblematic cuvées of Domaine Dagueneau in Pouilly-Fumé:




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