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The 18-hectare house vineyard is located on the most beautiful hillsides of the Champagne region.

In Chouilly, one of the 6 villages classified Grand Cru on the Côte des Blancs.

In Bisseuil, terroir classified Premier Cru de la Montagne de Reims. Supplies from partner winegrowers in the Epernay region complete the range of vintages used in the composition of AR Lenoble champagnes.

Based on the principle that a good wine is first and foremost a good grape, Anne and Antoine attach great importance to the quality of their wines. In a humid and cold climate linked to the very northern location of Champagne, they favor a reasoned approach that promotes biodiversity and soil life.

The vines are grassed to reduce yields, the soils are scratched to make the roots plunge deep into the chalk, the soil is aerated to develop the nutrients necessary for the perfect development of the bunches. In 2012, the AR Lenoble vineyard will obtain HVE (High Environmental Value) certification. Since then, the estate's beehives have been housing the estate's beehives, attesting to a beneficial environment.


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