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Château d'Issan, is a 53-hectare wine estate located in Cantenac Margaux in the Gironde. In AOC Margaux, it is classified troisième grand cru in the official 1855 Bordeaux wine classification.


What are the specificities of Château of Issan?

Dating from the Middle Ages, the Château d'Issan is particularly proud of its longevity and its history which has contributed to the production of a wine of character. Indeed, legend has it that the Château d'Issan would have been served at the wedding of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henri Plantagenet, future king of England, on May 11, 1152. Moreover, in the 19th century, wine was served at the court of Emperor Franz-Joseph in Vienna, which explains the estate's motto: "For the table of Kings and the altar of Gods".

By its motto, the Château d'Issan clearly announces its desire to raise its wine to the level of excellence.

The Cruse family has owned the estate for three generations. With a production of 130 000 bottles, the Château offers in tasting an authentic Margaux wine that combines finesse, pronounced tannins and delicacy.


Regarding the terroir, the vines, which are on average 40 years old, are planted on a gravelly soil rich in pebbles which play a primordial role in the ripening of the grapes. The wine is made from 2 different grape varieties:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon 65%
  • Merlot 35%


The harvest is done by hand and the Château opts for non-certified biodynamic cultivation. For this Margaux, described as the most feminine of the appellation, its ageing potential can be counted in decades.

Over the last 15 years, the estate has redoubled its efforts by allocating significant technical and human resources to raise its wines to the rank of the greatest.

The Château also produces a second wine "Blason d'Issan" made from the youngest plots planted less than 20 years ago. The blend is the same as its big brother the Château d'Issan.

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Best years of Château d'Issan

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  • Château d'Issan 2020
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