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Presentation of Domaine Vincent Paris

Vincent Paris made his first vintage in 1997. Vincent's uncle is Robert Michel, one of the best producers of Cornas. He then made his first two wines with his uncle, in search of autonomy, by renting facilities for the vinification of his most recent wines. He is currently building his own winemaking facilities with a courtyard where his apricot plantation is located. Vincent has inherited most of his vines from his grandfather (some of which are 90 years old) and has also rented vines from his uncle.


What are Vincent Paris wines like?

The vineyard extends over 8 hectares. They are located in different places along the Cornas slope, in the south-east. In the vineyard, Vincent leaves only four bunches of grapes per vine (the norm is between five and seven), which concentrates the vine's power of growth and reduces the need for green harvests. He ferments at relatively low temperatures and matures his wine in oak barrels for up to 12 months. Vincent's wines are not yet widely known, but are already on the wine lists of several three-star Michelin restaurants.

In Cornas, remember the beautiful cuvées "Granit 30", "Granit 60" and "La Geynale".

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