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To date, 260 wines around the world have received the ultimate score of 100/100 by renowned taster Robert Parker. The absolute award that elevates an exceptional wine to the level of myth. Find here our wines in stock that have received the Parker 100/100 rating.

Robert Parker is by far the most influential taster in the world. Getting a score of 100/100 is clearly a guarantee that this is an exceptional wine that can be kept for decades. These are usually legendary wines that will be talked about for a very long time. A large selection of Parker's top rated wines awaits you at Comptoir des Millésimes.


Who's Robert Parker?

Robert M. Parker Jr. is recognized as the greatest wine critic of all time, and he is still strong today at the age of 69. Born in 1947 in Baltimore, Maryland, Parker became famous as a wine critic, using a point scale that has become so useful to wine lovers around the world.

His newsletter, The Wine Advocate (now accessible from his very popular website), has particular stylistic preferences, a specific note-taking vocabulary, and has influenced the purchase of Bordeaux wines.

Parker is considered by his peers to be the absolute authority on everything to do with wine, and his opinions on wines and his wines are considered the most accurate and reliable in the industry. Some recent comments include;

"The world's most prized palate." Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, the Financial Times.


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Château Margaux 1990
Red1990 Bordeaux Margaux
96/100 Wine SpectatorWS
100/100 Robert ParkerRP
Price1 050

2 in stock

Petrus 1990
Red1990 Bordeaux Pomerol
98/100 Wine SpectatorWS
100/100 Robert ParkerRP
Price4 150

2 in stock

Château Latour 2003
Red2003 Bordeaux Pauillac
98/100 Wine SpectatorWS
100/100 Robert ParkerRP

4 in stock

Château Haut Brion 2005
Red2005 Bordeaux Pessac-Léognan
100/100 Wine SpectatorWS
100/100 Robert ParkerRP

6 in stock

Château Haut Brion 2009
Red2009 Bordeaux Pessac-Léognan
98/100 Wine SpectatorWS
100/100 Robert ParkerRP


Château Margaux 1996
Red1996 Bordeaux Margaux
95/100 Wine SpectatorWS
98/100 Robert ParkerRP

1 in stock

Petrus 2014
Red2016 Bordeaux Pomerol
100/100 Robert ParkerRP
Price3 985


Château Pavie 2010
Red2010 Bordeaux Saint-Emilion
100/100 Robert ParkerRP

7 in stock

Château Pavia
Red2016 Bordeaux Saint-Emilion
100/100 Wine SpectatorWS
100/100 Robert ParkerRP

4 in stock