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Presentation of Domaine Trimbach

With Hugel, the Domaine Trimbach has been one of the major players in the promotion of the great wines of Alsace on an international scale. The Trimbach family has been overlooking the Alsatian vineyard with its exceptional terroirs for nearly 4 centuries. The origin of this Alsatian wine estate dates back to 1626. There are now twelve generations of passionate and rigorous winegrowers who dedicate their lives to the wines of Alsace. It is Hubert Trimbach who now manages the estate. Hubert is also accompanied by his nephews, Jean and Pierre, and his daughter Anne, who combine their skills to produce the best vintages. The clay-limestone soil favours the blossoming of their flagship wines. The gem of the estate remains without discussion the Clos Sainte Hune. To date, more than 85% of the production is exported to tables all over the world.

What are the specificities of Domaine Trimbach?

If Zind Humbrecht produces wines of extravagant power at one end of the spectrum of excellence in Alsatian winemaking, Trimbach is definitely at the other extreme - "Restraint" is the watchword. The Trimbach style is perfectly paraphrased by Hubert Trimbach and the family itself - "Concentrated, not heavy; fruity, not sweet; bracing rather than grease; polished rather than voluptuous".

Trimbach wines are reserved, solid, elegant, even aristocratic, never obvious or flashy. "We're Protestant, our wines are Protestant style: vigor, firmness, good acidity, freshness, purity and cleanness, that's Trimbach."

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