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Here is the famous Domaine Les Aurelles, a superb property in the Languedoc. Find all the best references of this prestigious estate on Comptoir des Millésimes. This is one of our partner estates, which means that their wines are sent directly to our cellar after being bottled at their estate. The winemakers reserve an allocation of their cases of wine for us each year. So don't hesitate to create an email alert (in the section my Alerts ) on the Domaine Les Aurelles in order to be informed first of the latest arrivals. In this mineral vault where we find a summary of the Languedoc geology, it is a thought, an architecture at the service of living, happy wines, rich with a knowledge, that of a poet winemaker.

Presentation of the Domaine Les Aurelles

This is a place of applied winegrowing thought and aesthetics, a love story between a man and a geology in the Languedoc. Near Pézenas, home of Boby Lapointe, friend of Brassens, poet, singer, acrobat of homophonies and somersaults of the language, Basile Saint-Germain chose the Villafranchian soil of the Nizas hillsides a little out of mischief - "a nod to the terroir of Château Latour" - and a lot for its qualities: "He is a false skinny, a long-distance runner in the Zátopek style. He makes wines that don't jump out at you, that you have to go looking for, that have things to say for a long time. They are not confected, they have a certain olfactory discretion in their beginnings, not flashy, the opposite of today's society. Elegance, refinement and a depth at the table that makes them a match for lobster... With Solen, it's a royal marriage. " 


The vineyard 

The estate's vines grow on villafranchian gravel from the Lower Pleistocene on the right bank of the Hérault, leaving sinuous terraces of river alluvium. The soil is made up of reddish sandy-clay loam, round siliceous pebbles, white quartz, quartzite, quartz schist and rare lydian rocks, a mineral vault where the jawbone of a mastodon arvernensis, a shady old man of 3 million years, has been found. "The grape varieties here are at home! Carignan is a humanist, as opposed to Syrah, which is a fierce egotist. Carignan listens to others and is never in a power struggle with food. Grenache is the worst, a complicated one: it is always too hot, too cold, too much water, not enough, but it makes the others sing and in blends it is essential. Finding its maturity and balance is a tricky business. Mourvèdre is full of qualities, in our case it is the singer of finesse and elegance. "So that leaves the egotistical syrah, and even if Les Aurelles welcomes it, there is none in Aurel (mourvèdre, grenache), nor in Solen (carignan, grenache): "Syrah is not completely adapted to our area, it does what it wants, I don't disown it of course. In fact, I produced a 6 year old solera that went on to be exported. For the rest of the care of the vineyard, Basile Saint-Germain relies on the practices of "true biodynamics", the one that makes the vine say thank you. In the course of the year, forty nights of clear spring water and preparations spread under the stars so that at the end of the day beauty comes to the fore: "At 2 grams of silica per hectare you bring information, your energy. It is the step of a happy man that the vine hears. "Forty nights, reflected, thought out, prepared to give nothing up.  





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