In 1864 Eloy Lecanda founded the winery that symbolises the legend of Spanish red wine. It has belonged to different owners but has always kept an unquestionable personality.

One of the great characteristics of Vega Sicilia is the production of concentrated, ripe, refined and extremely elegant wines, which have become the flagship of the best Spanish wines in the world. Currently at the head of the production of these wines is Gonzalo Iturriaga de Juan, who has been the technical director of the winery since 2015.

The Vega Sicilia winery is located in the city of Valladolid, Valbuena de Duero, in an estate that forms a valley that follows the course of the river. The river sets the northern limit of the 1,000 hectares of the estate; the southern limit is set by the forest that runs up the hillside to the plain.

The estate has 250 hectares of vines, 80% of which are planted with the indigenous grape variety, Tinto Fino or Tempranillo, and the rest with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec. The soils are clay-limestone, with brown and alluvial zones.

The Ribera del Duero has a continental climate with an Atlantic influence. Rainfall is scarce, with annual averages not exceeding 500 mm, mainly concentrated in spring and autumn. Sunshine is extensive and abundant, reaching annual averages of 2,200 hours of sunshine, and the River Duero favours morning mists and fogs, which form an additional source of humidity.

The beginning of the 21st century has come for the Álvarez family (current owners) with a new challenge: the arrival of Vega Silicia in La Rioja. To achieve this, the group joined forces with another of the legendary names in the world of wine, Benjamin Rothschild, owner of important wineries in France.

In 2013, the two companies jointly launched the Macán, corresponding to the 2009 vintage, the first Vega Sicilia wine of the D.O.C. La Rioja. In June 2017, a spectacular winery was inaugurated in the municipality of Samaniego, designed by the architect Enrique Johansson and attended by King Juan Carlos I, among other personalities.

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