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Rivesaltes 1954 - CAZES
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1954 Languedoc-Roussillon Rivesaltes Rivesaltes 1954 - CAZES
Sweet Sweet
Domaine Partenaire
90/100 Robert Parker





Domaine Partenaire
90/100 Robert Parker
An exceptional gift

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 Looking for an exceptional gift idea to celebrate a 70th birthday?

Offer the prestige of the 1954 vintage, a rare and unforgettable wine that bears witness to the exceptional expertise of French vineyards.


Was 1954 a successful vintage for the French wine industry?

The 1954 vintage left its mark on the history of French winegrowing through its excellence. Discover wines of remarkable quality, carefully preserved, offering a unique and memorable taste experience.


Can you drink a 70-year-old wine?

Some bottles are still good for tasting, and others are for collecting. Don't hesitate to contact us for our recommendations.


Choosing a wine for your 70th wedding anniversary.

Celebrate 70 years of love with an equally exceptional gift. Our 1954 wines, symbols of the passing of time and nobility, are the best gift idea for an unforgettable wedding anniversary.


 And why not a 70-year-old grand cru for a business gift?

Impress your business partners with an exceptional gift. Give them a vintage wine from 1954, a symbol of prestige and refinement, the best gift idea for strengthening professional ties.


 Who is Comptoir des Millésimes?

Comptoir des Millésimes, an online wine shop specialising in fine wines and Champagnes, offers you a rare selection of carefully preserved 70-year-old wines. Delivery in 24h for a unique experience.



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