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About the Joh Jos Prüm estate?

The Joh Jos Prüm estate is a German wine estate. Few estates in the world can claim to have maintained the highest standards of quality uninterrupted for half a century or more. Joh Jos Prüm, the most famous of the many Mosel wine estates bearing the name Prüm, is an estate that can. In the 1920s, its wines were among the best in Germany, Rieslings with the lively aroma of the Moselle and racy elegance in its highest form. The owners of the estate are Dr. Manfred Prüm and his daughter Katharina, whose estate covers 22 hectares. An atypical style and very high quality with very elegant Riesling wines with impressive keeping capacity.


How are the wines of the Joh Jos Prüm estate?

The wines, be they modest, Kabinett or opulent Beerenauslese, are the quintessence of filigree elegance: light body, intense taste, exquisite balance and precise harmony, and the ability to last a lifetime. With the rise of so many excellent winegrowers in the region, one might have assumed that JJ Prüm, with its profound conservatism, could have been overtaken and left behind. Not even a little. The estate remains where it has been for decades: at the top.


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