Niveau du vin: bouteille de bordeaux et bourgogne

In order to provide you with as much information as possible about the bottle you are about to receive, a photo of the bottle is given on each product page

If several products are available in stock, the photo represents the bottle that is the least well preserved.

Some explanations on the level of wine in the bottles

Over time, even the most expensive bottles of grands crus are dropping in level. This is why we only offer you bottles with levels consistent with their age. The higher the level, the more it means that the conservation has been optimal.

Find below the levels we use on the website.

For "Bordeaux" type bottles

  • - In the neck (perfect): normal level for wines less than 15 years old and exceptional for 20 years old.
  • - Base of neck: perfect for all wines over 20 years old, acceptable for those over 15 years old.
  • - Very slightly low level: it is perfect for 40 year old wines, normal for 30 year old wines.
  • - Top shoulder level: normal level for 40 year old wines, exceptional for those before 1960.
  • - Mid shoulder level: this level shows a weakness of the cork and generates some risks. It is nevertheless more than acceptable for wines from before 1960.
  • - Low shoulder level: it shows risks. It may be acceptable for wines from before 1950.

For "Burgundy" type bottles

The wine level in a bottle of type "Burgundy" is defined according to the number of centimetres under the cork.

  • - Less than 2 cm (perfect): excellent level
  • - From 2 to 4 cm: the level can be justified for a bottle over 20 years old
  • - From 4 to 6 cm: correct for a bottle over 30 years old
  • - More than 6 cm: the tasting risk is greater.

Label status

The labels of old vintages sometimes suffer from humidity without it altering the quality of the wine.

To give you a maximum of information about the bottles, in addition to offering you a photo, we inform you about the state of the labels according to the following scale :

  • - Slightly damaged label
  • - Damaged label
  • - Very damaged label
  • - Stained label