The selection wines from the 1964 vintage

The wines from the 1964 Bordeaux vintage resemble those of 1950 and 1998 . Indeed, the best wines during the three years ended up being right bank vintages favouring wines produced in Pomerol and Saint-Emilion. A success for the Graves wines also in 1964. These appellations were harvested before the heavy rains. Because Pomerol is always the first to harvest, this explains how Pomerol was able to produce very good 1964 Bordeaux wines. In 1964, the Beatles became world superstars thanks to their successful invasion of America. What better way to celebrate this historical fact than with a great Bordeaux wine? As for Burgundy, the reds are made for laying down, rich and powerful. In white Burgundy, the Puligny-Montrachet as well as the Meursault are the best. A very good vintage for Alsace with the production of great Gewurztraminer.

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