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Here is the selection of vintage wines from Chateau Margaux at the best price. Visit the beautiful cellar of this first great classified growth of Margaux, prestigious appellation of Bordeaux.


- History and things to know about Chateau Margaux ?

Chateau Margaux, owned by Corinne Mentzelopoulos since 2003, is a renowned wine estate of 92 hectares of which 78 hectares are under vine, located in the commune of Margaux, in the Médoc. Chateau Margaux produces one of the most prestigious wines of Bordeaux. It is the first classified grand cru in the 1855 classification, along with Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Chateau Latour, Chateau Mouton-Rothschild and Chateau Haut-Brion. Chateau Margaux is one of the most prestigious properties in France. Since this year, Corinne's daughter, Alexandra Petit-Mentzelopoulos has become the ambassador of Chateau Margaux.

In 1977, the new owner of Château Margaux was André Mentzelopoulos. This visionary man, during the period of crisis for Bordeaux wines, invested in drainage and replanting, with no promise of immediate profitability. With the help of his oenologist, Emile Peynaud, he relaunched the second wine of Château Margaux: the "Pavillon Rouge" and the "Pavillon Blanc", with an increase in selection. In addition, his actions were also concentrated on maturing in new barrels and the ambition to build the first large underground cellar in the region. The result was a Chateau Margaux that had regained its reputation and an exceptional quality of wine. We can also highlight the 1978 vintage. As well as all those who followed this vintage. No weaknesses are to be noted, even in the smaller years. The 1982 Château Margaux is particularly remarkable: we will still be talking about it in 20 years' time.

1980, an important date for Château Margaux, the year André Mentzelopoulos died. It was his daughter, Corinne Mentzelopoulos, who succeeded this master winemaker and took over the management of the estate. Following this, we have seen some very great vintages for Château Margaux.

In 1993, Corinne joined forces with the Italian Agnelli family (Fiat). The partnership continued for 10 years and in 2003, the Agnelli group sold its shares in Château Margaux to Corinne, who became the sole owner.


- What are the wines of Château Margaux like?

The estate has 82 hectares of vines, with Cabernet Sauvignon inevitably dominant (75%) with 20% Merlot making up most of the rest, along with a handful of Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. Exceptionally for Margaux, there is a white wine made here, Pavillon Blanc, from 100% Sauvignon Blanc, while the two red wines are, of course, Château Margaux and Pavillon Rouge. As a rule, about 30,000 cases of red wine are produced, with the Grand Vin generally accounting for just over 40% of the total. White wine production amounts to less than 3,000 cases.

Chateau Margaux Grand Vin has particular qualities: finesse, elegance, complexity, density, intensity, length and freshness. Chateau Margaux was voted best wine of the 2015 vintage!


- Order a great vintage of Château Margaux in stock

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- Great vintages of Chateau Margaux

The best vintages of Chateau Margaux are :

• Château Margaux 2018 : 100/100 RP

• Château Margaux 1996 : 100/100 RP

• Château Margaux 1990 : 100/100 RP

• Château Margaux 1900 : 100/100 RP

• Château Margaux 2016 : 99/100 RP

• Château Margaux 2015 : 99/100 RP

• Château Margaux 2000 : 99/100 RP

• Château Margaux 2019 : (97 - 100)/100 RP


- Our other great chateaux of the AOC Margaux in stock

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Our wine merchant has selected for you the most beautiful châteaux of the Margaux appellation. Project yourself in the middle of the Margaux vineyard during a superb tasting of great wines. Order your Margaux wines 100% in stock on our website. We guarantee you an ideal shopping experience, with 24 hour delivery, compact and reliable packaging. Your wine merchant selects the best preserved bottles for you and is there to advise you!

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Château Margaux
Red1983 Bordeaux Margaux
98/100 Wine SpectatorWS
96/100 Robert ParkerRP

2 in stock

Château Margaux 2003
Red2003 Bordeaux Margaux
95/100 Wine SpectatorWS
98/100 Robert ParkerRP

5 in stock

Château Margaux
Red1986 Bordeaux Margaux
95/100 Wine SpectatorWS
97/100 Robert ParkerRP

2 in stock

Château Margaux
Red1995 Bordeaux Margaux
97/100 Wine SpectatorWS
95/100 Robert ParkerRP

1 in stock

Château Margaux 2000
Red2000 Bordeaux Margaux
100/100 Wine SpectatorWS
100/100 Robert ParkerRP
Price1 150

1 in stock

Château Margaux 2001
Red2001 Bordeaux Margaux
94/100 Robert ParkerRP
Regular price 635

12 in stock

Château Margaux 2005
Red2005 Bordeaux Margaux
97/100 Wine SpectatorWS
98+/100 Robert ParkerRP

6 in stock

Château Margaux 2012
Red2012 Bordeaux Margaux
95/100 Wine SpectatorWS
96/100 Robert ParkerRP

1 in stock

Château Margaux 2006
Red2006 Bordeaux Margaux
94/100 Robert ParkerRP
Regular price 580

10 in stock

Château Margaux
Red2010 Bordeaux Margaux
98/100 Wine SpectatorWS
99/100 Robert ParkerRP

1 in stock

Château Margaux 2016
Red2016 Bordeaux Margaux
97/100 Wine SpectatorWS
99/100 Robert ParkerRP

1 in stock

Château Margaux 2013
Red2013 Bordeaux Margaux
91/100 Wine SpectatorWS
91/100 Robert ParkerRP

1 in stock

The great wine of Château Margaux can be found from around 300€ on the market. In the great years and rare/old vintages, bottles can be worth over 1000€. Our team is constantly looking for the first great wines of the Margaux appellation. Find the best vintages at the best price on our shop. We assure you of products in stock; we select only the most beautiful bottles with the best possible conservation.

Here is a legendary wine, highly coveted and very rare! Especially since some years are totally legendary. Here are some of the Chateau's top rated wines from Parker & The Wine Advocate: 

- 2018: 100/100 RP

- 1996: 100/100 RP

- 1990: 100/100 RP

- 1900: 100/100 RP


And other great years: 

- 2019 : (97 - 100)/100 RP; the future star!

- 2016: 99/100 RP

- 2015: 99/100 RP

- 2000: 99/100 RP