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Discover a large selection of Pomerol wines at the best price. The grands crus of this mythical Bordeaux appellation 100% in stock. A great list of mature Pomerol, ready to drink. Comptoir des Millésimes offers you the best prices on the great wines of Pomerol available for immediate purchase.


 The Great Wines of Pomerol

The wine of Pomerol is a French red wine "d'appellation d'origine contrôlée". There are 734 hectares divided into micro-properties, among which the château Gazin is one of the largest with more than 20 hectares. Pomerol is the smallest of the great Bordeaux wine appellations. The appellation is close to 3 kilometres by 4 kilometres.


 Food and Wine pairings of Pomerol

Pomerol, with its sensual textures, rich flavors and soft tannins, is a wine that is easy to pair with food. Pomerol goes well with most braised or grilled meats like beef, veal, pork and game. Pomerol goes well with Ahi tuna, salmon and of course with roast chicken, mushrooms, truffles and all other earthy dishes. Pomerol and assorted cheeses are another example of a perfect food and wine pairing.


 The best Château de Pomerol

Pomerol is a mythical appellation in Bordeaux which makes many wine lovers and wine enthusiasts fantasize. Indeed, many Châteaux of Pomerol have a worldwide reputation starting with Petrus, the most expensive Bordeaux wine. We can also mention: Certan de May de CertanClinetFeytit ClinetGazinL'Eglise ClinetL'Evangile, La ConseillanteLa Fleur PétrusLe Bon PasteurNeninTrotanoyVieux Château Certan and many others that you can buy on our website.


 How to taste a Pomerol wine?

Dark ruby/red with garnet highlights, this sublime robe demonstrates the richness of the bouquet and structure. A power that cannot be ignored, a personality asserted by well marked aromas: violet and truffle. One also finds notes of red fruits with noble leather. Rich and complex. It develops strongly in its young years, well structured. During ageing, a certain fat character develops, unctuous and silky. Its structure is supported by supple and velvety tannins.

The Best Vintages: 1970, 1982, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1996, 1998 and 2009


 Purchase of grands crus of Pomerol at the best price, fast delivery

Comptoir des Millésimes offers you to order the best wines of Pomerol, delivered as soon as possible! A large selection of rare and old Pomerol wines.


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114 produits
Clos René
Red2015 Bordeaux Pomerol
91-93/100 Robert ParkerRP

60 in stock

Red2015 Bordeaux Pomerol
93/100 Wine SpectatorWS
93/100 Robert ParkerRP

12 in stock

Château Nenin
Red1998 Bordeaux Pomerol
92/100 Wine SpectatorWS
90/100 Robert ParkerRP

7 in stock

Petrus 1996
Red1996 Bordeaux Pomerol
92/100 Robert ParkerRP
Price4 120

1 in stock

Petrus 2009
Red2009 Bordeaux Pomerol
100/100 Robert ParkerRP
Price5 750

1 in stock

Red1982 Bordeaux Pomerol
96/100 Wine SpectatorWS
Price5 350

1 in stock