Cellier Saint Benoit

Find the greatest vintages of the St Benoit cellar on Comptoir des Millésimes.

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Cellier Saint Benoit from the domain

Find the best references of Cellier Saint Benoit on the site. The best vintages from the Cellier Saint Benoit estate at the best price on Comptoir des Millésimes. The wines come directly from the domain, then are stored in the best conditions in our underground cellar.

Cellier Saint Benoit : presentation of the Jura domain

Benjamin Benoit, 25, took over the family's Pupillin estate in 2020. This happened a little faster than expected due to his father's death in 2019. First of all, he's not trying to make Nicolas' Gamay or Amelie's Fixin, he's trying to make incredible wine from his vineyards in Pupillin. Within these vineyards, he has embarked on a rethinking of how his father did it. He is bottling each vineyard and lieu-dit individually and highlighting the different terroirs of the region, which has never been done in the area. He is in the process of evolving his viticulture towards a more sustainable, organic and healthy agriculture. With only two vintages under his belt, and having quickly taken over an entire estate, it will take some time for Benjamin to be able to invest in the full transition of the vineyards, but little by little, that is his goal. Most of the vineyards are already treated by hand without the use of tractors, the hedges, and if they are done, they are done by hand. Plowing is very limited, he tries to do everything he can to limit soil compaction to encourage microbial life in the vineyards. He has switched from a curved guyot to flat, straight canes to give more space between the canopy to reduce disease pressure. He works all his vineyards by hand and makes his own fertilizer. Trimming is done very late in July. Each plot has 1.3m between rows and 7000 vines/ha, except for Viandris 1938, which is at 1m and plowed by a horse. His vineyards are already beautiful, full of organic life with natural cover crops filling the vines.  Benjamin currently farms 6.2 ha of vines, but only produces 4 ha of wine due to lack of space in the winery. A new building is under construction and we hope to have all 6 ha bottled by 2022.




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