Emmanuel Darnaud

Emmanuel Darnaud

The excellence of Crozes-Hermitage and St Joseph from the estate.

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Emmanuel Darnaud: presentation of our partner estate

Established high quality producer, good commitment to detail and precision / reasonable use of oak. The vineyards in the southern area of Crozes have grown from 5 to 14 hectares. Emmanuel is potentially one of the brightest and most talented winemakers in the Crozes Hermitage AOC, highly reputed in the Rhône. His first wine dates from the 2001 vintage, he is the son of a winegrower. There are now three red vintages of Crozes, with Les Trois Chênes and the new Au Fil du Temps, both including Syrah vines from the 1950s.

In 2013, Emmanuel took over the work and wine production on his father-in-law Bernard Faurie's land in St Joseph - 1.7 hectares, mainly Syrah on an excellent site in Tournon - Dardouille - while he has another hectare planted in St Jo as well.


The great vintages of Domaine Emmanuel Darnaud


  • Crozes Hermitage "Les Trois Chênes red"

100% Syrah (80's), destemmed, 2-3 weeks of vinification in concrete vats, pumping over, aged 70% 1-2 years. 228 liters and 600 liters oak barrels, 30% tronconic vats 15-16 months (before mid-year). Years 2010, 40% new oak barrels 228 and 600 liters, 30% oak barrels 228 and 600 liters 1 year, vat 20%, 10% oak barrels 228 and 600 liters 2 years 18 months), fine, filtered.

To drink with a prime rib of beef or roast guinea fowl.


  • Crozes Hermitage "Au fil du temps"

Syrah (1950s-early 1990s) from alluvial soils covered with glalet stones on the Saviaux in La Roche-de-Glun, destemmed, 2 week vinification, pumping over, aged 50% new oak barrels of 228 and 600 litres, 50% 1 year old oak barrels of 228 and 600 litres 15-18 months, fined, filtered.

To drink with roasted duck breast fillet, chicken in casserole.


  • Saint-Joseph Lieu-dit "La Dardouille"

Syrah (1930-1980) from granitic soils of La Dardouille in Tournon, Bernard Faurie's vines, destemmed, vinification 2 to 3 weeks, pumping over, ageing 1 to 3 years in 228 and 600 litre oak barrels for 12 months, fining, filtration.

To drink with wild boar in sauce, roasted quail, a large veal chop

To know: the title "La Dardouille" appears on the label since 2015.

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