Domain Partner of Burgundy : Fabien Coche

"The Domaine Fabien Coche ... is one of the most underestimated estates of high quality white Burgundy in the Côte de Beaune. Alain Coche takes his time, leaving his wines on their lees to ripen quietly for two winters, and produces a classic, balanced Meursault, which evolves beautifully in the cellar; today, his son Fabien is following in his footsteps, with a few small refinements: today, Coche's harvest takes two weeks, not one, as each parcel is brought to optimal maturity. These are not stylish, flashy wines, and they are not as spectacular as some of the region's most sought-after estates when they come out, but wine lovers who have the patience to put them in the cellar will be amply rewarded". - William Kelley, Wine Advocate, May 2019.


Fabien Coche, a fourth-generation winemaker, took over the family estate in 2005. Coming from one of the most renowned families in Burgundy (Coche-Dury was part of the same estate until 1940 and is run by his cousin Raphaël), Fabien has quickly become the Coche of the current generation that is making the most waves. His enviable wine-producing properties total nearly 11 hectares divided between Meursault, Monthelie, Pommard and Auxey-Duresses. Fabien Coche's father is a first cousin of Jean-Francois Coche-Dury and not so long ago the two estates shared almost identical labels. Fabien started working with his father in 1998 and since 2005, he has taken over and now has his own distinctive labels. 


The Wines of the Estate

Organic farming has been practiced here since 1998 for the 40 plots of vines owned by the family and which now have experience of 20 vintages. The average age of the vines is impressive here with more than 60% of the vines over 60 years old. 

The wines from this estate are incredibly pure, with few visible traces of the winemaker's hand, with a low percentage of new oak (25%) and a notable percentage of larger barrels. Fabien's wines have superb acidity and purity. Here, we simply find a real depth of old vines that gives us some of the purest expressions of each vineyard.

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