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Looking for a wine to offer for a 65th birthday?

Discover our exclusive selection of vintage wines from 1959, an exceptional year to celebrate this memorable birthday. Offer a unique sensory experience with our rare wines, perfect for marking this important milestone in life.


Was 1959 a successful vintage for the French wine industry?

The 1959 vintage left an indelible mark on French wine history. Renowned for its exceptional quality, it was a landmark year for many vineyards. Explore our collection of 1959 vintage wines and discover the excellence of this golden period for wine lovers.


Can you drink a 65-year-old wine?

Carefully aged 1959 wines offer a memorable tasting experience. Their richness and complexity have developed over the decades, creating a unique taste experience. Find out why drinking a 65-year-old wine can be an exceptional experience and surprise your loved ones with the best gift idea.


Choose a wine for your 65th wedding anniversary.

Celebrate the love that has spanned the decades with a memorable gift. Our selection of vintage wines from 1959 is the ideal choice to commemorate 65 years of marriage. Give a timeless gift that symbolises the longevity of love with rare and prestigious wines.


And why not a 65-year-old grand cru for a business gift?

Impress your business partners with an exceptional business gift. Offer a 1959 vintage grand cru, synonymous with elegance and refinement. Show your appreciation with a gift that lasts, symbolising quality and excellence. The best gift idea for strengthening your business relationships.


Who is Comptoir des Millésimes?

Welcome to Comptoir des Millésimes, the best online wine shop specialising in vintage wines and Champagnes. We offer you a unique experience by delivering the best preserved wines directly to your home within 24 hours. Discover our expertise and our passion for exceptional wines.



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