The great wines from 1967

A superb vintage for the great wines of Bordeaux. Despite an abundant harvest and poorly managed yields, Bordeaux produced wines of very high quality in 1967. A small special mention for the wines of Pomerol and the wines of St Emilion which were extremely successful in 1967. The Sauternes wines are exceptional, not to say legendary. They are rich and sweet and offer a surprisingly balanced and flavorful tasting.

For Burgundy wines, the 1967 vintage is slightly complicated due to various episodes of hail and violent showers. Nevertheless, the weather in September allowed the grapes to reach an acceptable maturity. The red wines from the Burgundy vineyards are fine and elegant without forgetting their pleasant character. The 1967 vintage is one of the good vintages of the 60s.

The best wines from 1967

Pétrus, wines of Chateauneuf du Pape,  Chateau YquemChateau Latour

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