The Champagnes of House Bérêche et Fils

Located on the Mountagne de Reims and in the Vallée de la Marne, the Domaine Bérêche et Fils was founded in 1847 by Albert Bérêche, a native Hungarian. He started his winemaking activity with only 3 hectares of vines. However, it was the innovative work of young Raphaël and Vincent Bérêche that made this champagne house one of the most sought-after by sommeliers, wine merchants and connoisseurs in France. Relying on a solid base of traditional Champagne production handed down from their father, Raphaël and Vincent are two of the most insatiably curious and ambitious winemakers in the region. To that end, their portfolio includes not only an extraordinarily vibrant NV Brut Réserve, but also several micro-cuvées brilliantly designed to express different aspects of the terroir, vintage and grape variety:

  • Campania Remensis
  • Cran
  • Rilly-La-Montagne
  • Les Beaux Regards
  • Reflet d'Antan
  • Rive Gauche 
  • Les Montées 

The 10-hectare vineyard on clayey limestone and silty limestone soil produces these Champagnes from red grape varieties (6.5 hectares) planted with 67% Pinot Meunier and 43% Pinot Noir and the remaining 3.5 hectares are planted with Chardonnay. Close to organic viticulture, the Bérêche brothers run the estate using lutte raisonnée in order to give free expression to the terroir and the vines.

With 100,000 bottles produced each year, the estate carefully selects its grapes and practices plot-by-plot vinification.

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