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Domaine Guiberteau

Based in Saumur, in the Vallée de la Loire, the gem of this estate is the Brézé hill. A handful of producers produce on this legendary hill, including the famous Clos Rougeard. Planted with both Cabernet Franc and Chenin, we are captivated by the whites. These wines are so powerful and striking, brimming with purity and energy.

Founded at the beginning of the 20th century, it is now in the hands of the founder's great grandson, Romain Guiberteau. Since 2000, under the direction of Romain, it has abandoned chemical products in the vineyard, preferring biodynamic management. His father noticed the quality of the fruit under his management. Influences such as Clos Rougeard, Dagueneau and Thierry Germain are not lacking when you dig a little. The acidity, power and gleaming clarity of these whites are especially important.


How are the wines of Domaine Guiberteau?

The white wines are pure, limpid, mineral and invigorating, softening over time, but still show a delicate Chenin maturity. It is time to buy Romain wines, which offer not only great drinking pleasure, but also relative value. The bedrock of the Brézé slope, the limestone tuffeau, is linked to their power and strength. This extraordinary porous rock instills an electrical trait of acidity and a determining mineral tension. Cooler nights on the slopes capture a frenetic current. All these attributes, combined with perfectly ripe chenin grapes, create magical wines, each resonating in the mouth on its own timbre. This terroir creates a much more lemony, floral and mineral expression of chenin. Even when ripe and powerful, the wines remain pure and fresh. The oak is used judiciously, depending on the cuvée.

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