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Dom Perignon 2008 label
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2008 Champagne Champagne Dom Perignon 2008
Sparkling Sparkling
96/100 Wine Spectator 96+/100 Robert Parker





96/100 Wine Spectator 96+/100 Robert Parker
Dom Perignon
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2012 Champagne Champagne Dom Perignon 2012
Sparkling Sparkling
96+/100 Robert Parker 97/100 James Suckling





96+/100 Robert Parker 97/100 James Suckling
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Questions fréquemment posées

Le prix d'une bouteille de champagne Dom Perignon dépend fortement de la qualité du millésime et de son âge. En moyenne le prix d'une bouteille de Dom Perignon est autour de 200€. Les millésimes récents sont plutôt autour de 180€ alors que les plus anciens et donc rares peuvent atteindre les 400€. Voir les prix des Dom Perignon

La bouteille de Dom Perignon la plus chere est un Dom Perignon White Gold en format Jeroboam qui a été vendu 40 000$. Voir l'article sur les Champagnes les plus chers du monde

Pierre Pérignon, dit Dom Perignon (1638-1715), est un moine bénédictin qui, selon la légende, a importé de Limoux la méthode de la prise de mousse du vin dite méthode champenoise. Il est considéré pour beaucoup comme l'inventeur du Champagne.

De l'avis des plus grands dégustateurs, les meilleurs millésimes de Dom Perignon sont : 1996, 1990, 1985, 1982 et 2005. Voir l'article sur les meilleurs millésimes de Dom Perignon

Le Dom Pérignon est une cuvée millésimée élaborée, lors d'années exceptionnelles, par la maison de Champagne Moët & Chandon (LVMH) et fournit 8 millions de bouteilles par an.

Champagne Dom Perignon White and Rosé available for purchase at the best price

Discover all our vintages of the prestigious cuvée of Dom Perignon from the most beautiful cellars in France. Recent vintages such as 2006 and 2008 or old vintages such as 1996 or 1976, succumb to the tasting of a Grand Champagne Dom Perignon. The prices of Dom Perignon bottles and magnums vary according to the vintage and rarity. You will always find them at the best price on Comptoir des Millésimes.


History and Origin of the Cuvée Dom Perignon

At the end of the XVIIth century, a monk whose profession was head cellarman, and head of service at the Abbey of Hautvillers, named Dom Pérignon, did not yet know that he was going to revolutionize the world of champagne. Running a vineyard and producing wine was the Abbey's main activity and Dom Pérignon, with his talent and experience, earned a great reputation for the quality of his sparkling wines.

Many people wonder whether Dom Pérignon is really the inventor of champagne. However, it is totally impossible to make a sparkling wine without a solid bottle and a strong cork. Dom Pérignon hardly invented sparkling champagne, knowing that it is essential to have a very resistant cork, accompanied by a solid bottle, to obtain such a product. Wines of this kind had already existed in England since the 1660s. The reasons for the genesis of the myth of Dom Pérignon, "inventor" of sparkling Champagne, are undoubtedly from a commercial point of view. It is now the great French luxury group LVMH that owns Dom Pérignon. The price of Dom Perignon (minimum 150€ per bottle) is explained by the fact that their champagne only exists in vintage and only great vintages. A pre-selection of the best grapes is made, only the best are kept. Each vintage is unique thanks to passionate, demanding and innovative winemakers.


Production and style of Dom Perignon

The 1960s should probably be considered the golden age, with a slight decline in overproduction in the 1970s and 1980s. With tougher competition from other prestige brands, and with the genius Richard Geoffroy at the helm in the 90s, Dom Pérignon is back in brilliant form. The wines of great vintages, such as 1990 and 1996, have a concentration that is not far behind the 1964 and 1961.
The style itself is ultra-sophisticated, with an incredibly silky sweetness combined with grilled fireworks, supported by exotic fruit note in medium body. When Dom Pérignon is at its best, one can find notes of forest morels, cream, peach, an overabundance of roasted coffee beans and hazelnut. Champagne Dom Pérignon Rosé is an even more exquisite and rare product that has been molded into a similar shape, although its full-bodied shape leans more towards strawberry or orange, where the whiter, slightly lighter variety becomes exotic and grilled.


Dom Perignon 2006: a warm vintage

The climate in 2006 is hot and dry, as well as contrasted. July was scorching but August was abnormally cool and wet. It is the almost summery character of September that makes the quality of this 2006 vintage. This allowed the few botrytis outbreaks to dry out and to offer a maturity well above average. Picking began on September 11, 2006 and lasted nearly four weeks. Rated 96/100 by Robert Parker and 95/100 by the Wine Spectator, Dom Perignon's 2006 vintage is a great vintage.



Dom Pérignon 2009: a fruity vintage

The 2009 comes to close a decade, solar and generous. Such a favourable climate is unprecedented; the succession of vintages has allowed to go further in the maturity of the grapes in Champagne. Dom Pérignon Vintage 2009 offers a taste of the ripest and richest fruit. 2009 is a Dom Perignon that combines freshness and energy. Rated 96/100 by the Wine Spectator, it is still a very great vintage of Dom Perignon.


Dom Pérignon vintage 1996

Robert Parker rating: 98 / 100

The brilliant Dom Pérignon of 1996, which has largely disappeared from the market, is perhaps the house's finest example of success. Notes of crushed rocks, honeysuckle, lemon oil, orange marmalade and white pear provide magnificent aromas, as well as a great impression on the palate. This is a rare and exceptional champagne.




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