Reflecting a strong identity, the Corsican vineyard offers surprising discoveries on the panoramic roads of the island of sunny beauty.

The vineyard occupies almost the whole of Corsica. To the north, the vineyards of the Corsican peninsula cling to small terraces overlooking the sea, with coastal villages nestled in the bush. In the direction of Bastia, the original approved Corsican vineyard rises up towards the mountains. Further on, the wine region of Porto-Vecchio blends with landscapes of beaches and pine forests. To the south of the islands are the vineyards of Figari and Sartène. The high slopes of Ajaccio dominate the Mediterranean Sea, while the vineyards of Balagne stretch between Ile Rousse and Calvi, across the plain facing the sea and with Mount Grosso in the background. Finish your tour of Corsica in the hills of Patrimonio, the oldest and most famous of the island. 

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