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This is the famous Champagne Gosset house. Find all the best references of this prestigious domain on Comptoir des Millésimes. This is one of our partner estates, which means that their wines are shipped directly to our cellar after being bottled at their estate. The winemakers reserve an allocation of their cases of wine for us each year. So don't hesitate to create an email alert (in the section my Alerts ) on the Domaine de Champagne Gosset in order to be informed first of the latest arrivals.


Presentation of the Champagne Gosset House 

Owner : Cointreau family, Jean-Pierre Cointreau, president.

Winemaker : Odilon de Varine

Overview of the winemaking process : Fermentation of about 70 individual plots in small stainless steel vats of 20, 40 and 60hl. No malolactic conversion. Long aging on lees, from 4+ years for the Grande Réserve, to 15 years or more for the prestige cuvees.

Vineyard area: Gosset has only one hectare of vineyard, but works with over 200 winemakers in about 70 different villages (crus) in Champagne.

Viticulture: in transition to sustainability

Vineyard & Terroir: Chalky limestone.

Vine density: An average of about 8000 vines/hectare.


The oldest wine house in Champagne, created by Pierre Gosset in 1584. Gosset is very much at the top of its game at the moment, with an impeccable range of wines that demonstrate not only great quality, but a strong personality and expression of character. These are wines that emphasise finesse above all else, but they are not delicate wines - in fact, they consistently reveal a pronounced vinosity and complex richness of fruit, even if this is often presented in a discreet and understated manner. Although the champagnes they produce have never been abundant in quantity, they have distinguished themselves by the consistently superb quality of the entire range of champagnes produced. Remaining a family business, the Gosset family sold the company to the Cointreau family in 1994.


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