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Looking for bottles of Patrick and Christophe Bonnefond?

Here is a superb property of the Rhône, renowned for its great wines of Côte Rôtie. Find all the best references of this prestigious estate on Comptoir des Millésimes. This is one of our partner estates, which means that their wines are shipped directly to our cellar after being bottled in their estate. The winemakers reserve an allocation of their cases of wine for us each year. So don't hesitate to create an email alert (in the section my Alerts) on the Bonnefond Estate in order to be informed first of the latest arrivals.


To know about the domain

They have superb terroirs in Côte Rôtie and Condrieu, and regularly get high marks from critics.

Historically, the Bonnefond brothers' Côte Rôties have shown more kinship with those of the Côte Brune, with lots of concentration and no rush to drink.  But over the last decade, the style has softened a bit, and the wines are accessible earlier. There are three cuvées: Colline de Couzou; Côte Rozier, and Les Rochains.  The first is the least powerful and the most accessible for quick drinking. But the others come from the very famous vineyards on the Côte Brune side of the appellation, and they are always great wines to drink.

The Domaine also produces two excellent but simpler wines at more modest prices: Syrah grown just outside the Côte Rôtie appellation, and Viognier grown outside of Condrieu. 

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