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Who is Daniel-Étienne Defaix?

Daniel-Etienne Defaix owns one of the oldest estates of Chablis (8 centuries for the Vieux Château). For 4 centuries, the Defaix family has been winegrowers from father to son.

The Domaine Daniel-Étienne Defaix is spread over the oldest terroirs of the Chablisien, where precisely a thousand years ago the monks of Pontigny made their selection to give the Chablis appellation all its nobility. The vines are fertilized, if necessary, with a natural compost of cow and horse manure. Treatments in the vineyards are severely limited and never carried out within two months of the harvest. All the wines of this estate are vinified in the same way. At harvest time, a rigorous sorting is carried out to eliminate unripe and unhealthy grapes; the grapes are pressed slowly for three hours, separated plot by plot, with only the finest juice kept for bottling at the estate. The wines are characterized above all by a wonderful purity of fruit, the very essence of first-class Chablis. They also have a tremendous potential for medium and long term conservation.


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Today Daniel-Étienne DEFAIX perpetuates this centuries-old winemaking family tradition on these great monastic appellations. The work in the vineyard has remained traditional because a clean and healthy vineyard gives a good quality of grapes and therefore of wines. Find the best vintages and vintages of the Domaine Daniel Étienne Defaix on Comptoir des Millésimes.

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