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What are the best wines from 1968?

A difficult year in the region due to heavy rain in August and September. However, some great chateaux made great efforts and stand out from the crowd: Chateau Figeac, Haut Brion, Chateau Latour, Mission Haut-Brion.

The weather was not very favourable, this vintage was very complicated for Burgundy wines with spring frosts and rain.

The weather was also difficult in the vineyard of the Rhône. Concerning the best appellations of 1968, we can quote Cote Rotie, Hermitage, and in the South of the Vallée-du-Rhône the wines of Chateauneuf-du-Pape.


Our advice for your purchases of wines from 1968

In view of the difficulties of the 1968 vintage in these regions, we suggest you the Vins Doux Naturels de Rivesaltes. An ideal wine for your tastings, with dessert or aperitif.

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