Château La Conseillante - Pomerol

The vineyard of Château La Conseillante is located in the commune of Pomerol in the department of Gironde. The château La Conseillante is not classified, but is considered to be among the grands crus of the region. It is one of the most emblematic properties in Pomerol, and of the right bank.

What are the specificities of Château La Conseillante?

It is one of the greatest forgotten gems of Pomerol, a great classic of the appellation which gathers all its characteristics. Louis Nicolas' successors - Francis and Bernard - had the intelligence to combine tradition and modern winemaking methods. Thus the fermenting room has been refurbished and equipped with the latest refinements in technology; on the other hand, no filtering is allowed, and ageing is carried out in new barrels, the proportion of which is determined by the quality of the vintage.

The vineyard offers in tasting a wine composed of 2 grape varieties:

  • Merlot 80%
  • Cabernet Franc 20%

Strength, aromatic richness, harmony, volume and finesse perfectly qualify the estate's wines. If the 1970's decade - not very brilliant in general - is marked by a relative weakness of La Conseillante, we will retain a 1970 vintage that is remarkable in every way. The 1980s saw a severe resumption of vinification, but we will nevertheless avoid the 1983 vintage, whose wine is unbalanced due to the damage inflicted by the storm on part of the property. The promise of ageing and the exceptional length in the mouth place Château La Conseillante, in its best years, at the top of the appellation's wines.

In order to best express its terroir, La Conseillante has been producing a second wine called "Duo de Conseillante" since 2007.

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Best vintages of château La Conseillante: 1990, 2005, 1949, 2000, 1985

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