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Presentation of the Jacquesson Champagne House

"The terroir, even great, is nothing without the work of man."

Maison Jacquesson was founded in 1798 in the town of Dizy north of Epernay. It is still managed by independents and has been entrusted to the Chiquet brothers - Jean-Hervé and Laurent - since 1974. The brothers recommend zéro dosage or minimal addition of sugar at the disgorgement stage, which involves additional costs. The great champagne house has also had the prestige of being in the favorite Champagnes of the first emperor of France, Napoleon Ier. Unlike most houses, Jacquesson does not seek to produce a consistent house style in their non-vintage Champagnes, preferring instead to show the character of each vintage. The profile therefore evolves over time, and depending on which vintage is the main one in the blend, a specific numbered cuvée is assigned. Each cuvée is unique, although the wines are generally characterised by their elegance and minerality. They also tend to be good food companions and age well.

We find the Cuvée 700 which is a unique blend of the production. It is unique each year and expresses its own vintage in the most beautiful way. It is identified by a cuvée number.

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