Clos des Fées

Clos des Fées

The wines of one of the most beautiful domains of Roussillon in direct domain!

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The Clos des Fées is a prestigious estate in Languedoc-Roussillon. We work directly with this estate. Their wines are sent to us directly from their cellar. This estate produces superb red wines from different AOCs (appellations). These wines offer exceptional finesse and aromas from the finest terroirs of the Languedoc.


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- The history of the estate "Le Clos des Fées

Le Clos des Fées is a special estate, with a passionate and exciting owner: "Hervé Bizeul". However, the head of the house has not been a winemaker directly. He has traveled again and again, with wine as a common thread, of course. He will have a career as a sommelier, then as a journalist all over the world, but will finally settle in his native country, Roussillon. A Breton father and a Catalan mother, he says it himself, there is nothing like the modesty of one's origins to know who one really is and above all to not take oneself for anyone...

So he returns to his native country with a crazy desire in the corner of his mind to become a winemaker. He decided to go back to school to learn the basics of vineyard and cellar work. But he doesn't like the vision of the wine taught to him and will leave the courses before finishing his first week! Character!

The story of Le Clos des Fées finally began in the 90's, in 1997 to be precise. The domain looks like a postcard, as he likes to say. The vines are located between stone walls and old green oaks. The first vintages are made in a very rudimentary way. Pressing in a butter cloth and pigeage with a rake are good examples of the practice in the cellars. Then, a few years later, the estate started to make a name for itself, even selling its wines en primeur. The domain's guiding principle is simple: to perpetuate the gestures and culture of its region, to respect its terroir, and to make it grow with unparalleled audacity and energy. In the cellar, he uses the bare minimum to make wine. A temperature controller, a destemmer and a good pump.


The Clos des Fées domain offers the know-how of a self-taught, globe-trotting and passionate man who is going to make his dream come true... to make a wine the way he likes it...

So if you like true wines, respectful of their terroir or a little crazy with an original grape variety, the Clos des Fées is made for you!


- What is the Clos des Fées domain?

Hervé Bizeul, a former sommelier, wine merchant and wine journalist, created this 7 hectare estate in Vingrau in the Roussillon region in 1999, transforming his garage into a small cellar to prepare for his first vintage. Old vines (up to 100 years old in some areas), hand-picking, a viticultural philosophy that respects nature, and careful winemaking are all part of the extreme quality that the wines can achieve. Grenache, carignan, syrah, white grenache and grey grenache make up the majority of the plantings. The wines are aged in oak barrels for at least a year and are bottled without filtration.


- Winemaker Hervé Bizeul's point of view 

"I had the vision that in Roussillon we could produce great wines equal to the best. Today, this dream is becoming a reality". Restorer and wine writer, the winemaker has a perfectly controlled viticultural strategy in the very rocky, but clay-permeable, limestone environment north of Vingrau. Add to this a vinification that spoils the fruit, and you get star wines that amaze French wine connoisseurs and tasters. The winemaker has a well-deserved reputation as a beacon of quality in the Roussillon. Hervé strives to preserve the fruit to develop rich, Mediterranean-style wines that are flavorful and typical of the region.


- Where can I find the domain?

Lost in a desert of garrigues, bordered by dry stone walls, Le Clos des Fées is located at 1119 Route du Petit Pont, 59495 Leffrinckoucke. A magnificent universe where the stones have been taken out of the vineyards one by one, mainly with manual work or pulled by a horse, then patiently and skillfully piled up by generations of winegrowers from another time. 


- What more can be said about this beautiful terroir?

Concerning the vines, they are cultivated on 7 different zones. Each zone has its own terroir.  There are rare soils with red alluvial clay that contain a high proportion of rolled stones like those found in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. These acid soils give an exceptional intensity to the grape variety called Mourvèdre. The schistose marls of the Cretaceous era produce black soils that allow the vine to take deep roots. This is the paradise of Grenache noir and Syrah. On the limestone plateau where the wind blows more than 250 days a year, the ancients favored the planting of white Grenache (century-old plots). 


- And what about the vinification at the domain?

It is traditional. As for the maturing, it all depends on the cuvée. For the cuvée Les Sorcière du Clos des Fées, the wine is aged in stainless steel tanks. Whereas the Vieille Vigne is aged in oak barrels and the cuvée "Le Clos des Fées" is vinified and aged in oak barrels. You can find these different wines on Comptoir des Millésimes at the best price and from the domain. We have been lucky enough to work with this beautiful Roussillon winery for many years. And it is with great enthusiasm that your favorite wine merchant recommends you to taste the wines of this beautiful domain!


- What exactly does the word "Clos des Fées" mean?

In French, a "Clos" is a small parcel of vines surrounded by walls. A Fairy is a mythical being with magical powers that she uses with a magic wand. The Clos des Fées is a vineyard where fairies would have lived, if they had existed! 


- Best Clos des Fées wines at the right price

The best vintages and great vintages of Clos des Fées are available for purchase on Comptoir des Millésimes. We work directly with this domain. Our wines come directly from their cellar. Order your Clos des Fées grands crus thanks to our allocations and enjoy a delivery as soon as possible. You can also find a complete report on the Clos des Fées in our blog section! 


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25 produits
Le Clos des Fées 2011
Red2011 Languedoc-Roussillon Côtes du Roussillon
95/100 Robert ParkerRP
Partners estate

4 in stock

Le Clos des Fées 2009
Red2009 Languedoc-Roussillon Côtes du Roussillon
90-91+/100 Robert ParkerRP
Partners estate

12 in stock

Le Clos des Fées 2010
Red2010 Languedoc-Roussillon Côtes du Roussillon
89+/100 Robert ParkerRP
Partners estate

7 in stock

Le Clos des Fées 2006
Red2006 Languedoc-Roussillon Côtes du Roussillon
93/100 Wine SpectatorWS
Partners estate

14 in stock

Le Clos des Fées 2008
Red2008 Languedoc-Roussillon Côtes du Roussillon
93/100 Robert ParkerRP
Partners estate

11 in stock

Le Clos des Fées 2007
Red2007 Languedoc-Roussillon Côtes du Roussillon
96/100 Robert ParkerRP
Partners estate

6 in stock

Le Clos des Fées 2013
Red2013 Languedoc-Roussillon Côtes du Roussillon
94+/100 Robert ParkerRP
Partners estate


Le Clos des Fées 2017
Red2017 Languedoc-Roussillon Côtes du Roussillon
94/100 Robert ParkerRP
Partners estate

3 in stock

Le Clos des Fées 2012
Red2012 Languedoc-Roussillon Côtes du Roussillon
97/100 Robert ParkerRP
Partners estate

4 in stock

Le Clos des Fées 2015
Red2015 Languedoc-Roussillon Côtes du Roussillon
96/100 Robert ParkerRP
Partners estate

6 in stock

Le Clos des Fées 2018
Red2018 Languedoc-Roussillon Côtes du Roussillon
93+/100 Robert ParkerRP
Partners estate

6 in stock