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The 2015, 2016 and 2017 vintages of the Wines of Côte Rôtie

Many tasters of great vintages share their view on the latest vintages of Côte Rôtie. These are wines that can be kept between 5 and 25 years depending on the vintage and the producer. See on our website the Cote Rotie 2015Cote Rotie 2016 and Cote Rotie 2017.


The Côte-Rôtie vineyard

35 km south of Lyon, the vineyards of Côte Rôtie occupy steep slopes whose land must be held back by stone walls. Two grape varieties, Viognier and Syrah give a wine of great finesse and a delicate fragrance reminiscent of both violets and raspberries. The final blend must not contain more than 20% Viognier (white grape variety). The vineyard is divided into two parts: La Côte Blonde and La Côte Brune. The Côte Blonde, to the south, takes its name from the crumbly sands, rich in silica, which make up the surface of its soil. The wines of the Côte Blonde are reputed to be finer than those of the Côte Brune. The Côte Brune, to the north, is composed of clay, richer in iron, which gives more powerful wines. Côte Rôtie wines are among the best red wines in the world made from Syrah. These wines are extremely well known and sought after internationally.


The legend of Côte-Rôtie

"There is a tenacious legend in Côte-Rôtie, according to which the lord of Maugiron, who had two daughters, a blonde and a brunette, bequeathed a "Côte" to each of them. Thus were born the names Côte-Blonde and Côte-Brune."


The Star Estates of Côte-Rôtie Wines


Guigal is one of the stars of Côte-Rôtie with its 3 vintages: La Turque and La Landonne (Côte Brune) and La Mouline (Côte Blonde). In addition to Guigal, these are among the best producers of Côte-Rôtie: Rostaing, Jean-Michel GERIN, Stéphane OGIER, CHAPOUTIER, JAMET, DELASDomaine FERRATON, Georges VERNAY, Domaine DUCLAUX, François VILLARDGilles BARGE, Stéphane MONTEZ and Yves CUILLERON.


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Discover a prestigious selection of Côte-Rôtie at the best price on Comptoir des Millésimes. You will find the best estates of Cote Rotie as well as the best years of Côte Rôtie: 2016, 2015, 2011, 2005, 2010, 2009, 1999, 1990, 1988, 1985, 1983 and 1978.

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La Mouline 1996 - Guigal
Red1996 Rhône Côte-Rôtie
92/100 Wine SpectatorWS
93/100 Robert ParkerRP

3 in stock

The Guigal Mill
Red1997 Rhône Côte-Rôtie
97/100 Wine SpectatorWS
96/100 Robert ParkerRP

2 in stock

Château d'Ampuis 2015
Red2015 Rhône Côte-Rôtie
97/100 Wine SpectatorWS
95+/100 Robert ParkerRP

15 in stock

La Landonne 2016 - Guigal
Red2016 Rhône Côte-Rôtie
97/100 Wine SpectatorWS
95-98/100 Robert ParkerRP

2 in stock

La Turque 2016 - Guigal
Red2016 Rhône Côte-Rôtie
96/100 Wine SpectatorWS
95-97/100 Robert ParkerRP

3 in stock

La Turque 2015 - Guigal
Red2015 Rhône Côte-Rôtie
99/100 Wine SpectatorWS
99/100 Robert ParkerRP

1 in stock

Les vins de la Cote Rotie sont des vins rouges réputés pour être des vins de grande garde et peuvent être conservé entre 5 et 20 ans selon la qualité du millésime et de la cuvée. Consultez les prix des Cote Rotie

Le prix des vins de Cote Rotie va de 35€ à plus de 500€ pour les domaines les plus prestigieux tel que Guigal et sa trilogie. En moyenne, pour un grand vin de Côte Rôtie le prix tourne autour de 50€. Consultez les prix des Cotes Roties

De l'avis des plus grands dégustateurs tel que Robert Parker, les meilleurs domaines de Côte Rôtie sont : Guigal, Stéphane Ogier, Chapoutier, Jamet, DelasRostaing et Duclaux. Découvrez le classement des meilleurs vins de Cote Rotie

De l'avis des dégustateurs, les plus grands millésimes de Cote Rotie sont : 2009, 2010, 2005, 2016, 2015, 2012, 2003, 19991998 et 1990.

Les Cote Rotie sont des vins rouges puissants. Il est donc nécessaire de l’accompagner avec des mets de caractère tel que de la viande rouge ou du gibier. Découvrez nos conseils d'accord mets et vins