Cote Rotie 2021

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Questions fréquemment posées

Open the bottle in advance: Côte Rôtie 2021 wines are young and need to be aerated before drinking. You can open the bottle about an hour before serving, or use an aeration device such as a decanter to speed up the process. However, these are wines for laying down, so we recommend keeping them in the cellar for a few years.

  • Observe the wine's color: Look closely at the wine's color. Côte Rôtie wines are generally deep ruby red, sometimes with violet highlights. The color may change with the age of the wine.
  • Smell the aromas: Hold your nose close to the glass and inhale gently. Côte Rôtie wines are often renowned for their complex, elegant aromas. You can detect notes of black fruit, wild berries, violets, black pepper, licorice and smoky nuances.
  • Tasting the wine: Take a sip and let the wine flow into your mouth. Try to detect the different flavors and textures. Côte Rôtie wines are often fine, elegant and balanced, with silky tannins and lively acidity. They can present flavors of red and black fruits, spices, licorice and a slight hint of smoke.

Côte Rôtie wines from the 2021 vintage pair well with richly flavored dishes, such as grilled or roasted red meats, game dishes, mature cheeses and truffle dishes.

Looking for the best Côte Rôtie wines in stock?

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Wine style:

The style of Côte Rôtie wines is often described as elegant, refined and complex. They are made from Syrah (which must account for at least 80% of the blend) and Viognier grapes. Viognier adds an extra aromatic dimension and a certain finesse to the wine. Côte Rôtie wines are renowned for their capacity to age, and can develop even more complex aromas and flavors over time. They are considered among the great Rhône Valley wines of France




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