Exceptional Cru Bourgeois - AOC Moulis-en-Médoc

Château Chasse-Spleen is a 107-hectare wine estate, including 80 hectares of vines in the Médoc, located in Moulis-en-Médoc, in the Gironde.

What are the specificities of Château Chasse-Spleen?

The estate that we know today as Chasse Spleen was much larger in the past and the wine was marketed under the name of Château Grand-Poujeaux. In 1822, the estate was divided and half of the estate became Château Gressier-Grand-Poujeaux and the other half became 3 different estates: Château Poujeaux-Theil, Château Maucaillou and obviously Château Chasse-Spleen.

According to a tenacious legend, Baudelaire would have named this wine whose 35 year old vines are planted in gravelly soil. This cru became fashionable without its former owner - Bernadette Villars - ever having accepted the slightest concession. This is how Chasse-Spleen, like the greatest, refrained from filtering its wines.

Today managed by Claire Villars with excellence, the elaboration of the Cru Bourgeois is a family story. The Merlaut family, followed by their descendants, has owned the estate since 1976. And each generation has contributed to raising the quality of the wine with a view to making it as precise as possible.

The estate offers a wine for tasting made from different grape varieties:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon 73%
  • Merlot 20%
  • Petit Verdot 7%

The Château Chasse-Spleen and the Château Poujeaux stand out and are certainly the two best Bordeaux wines from Moulis in the Haut-Medoc. Rich, powerful and tight, Château Chasse-Spleen offers a perfect balance between the crispy fruits and the woody side always slightly present.

Very popular among wine lovers, half of which is matured in new barrels, it is one of these wines that is good to have in the cellar. A "bourgeois" that some specialists would classify as a 5ème or even 4ème cru.

In order to best express its terroir, the property produces two Second wines, L'Ermitage de Chasse-Spleen and L'Oratoire de Chasse-Spleen.

Best Chasse-Spleen vintages: 1989, 2014, 2010, 2003, 2009

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