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About Domaine Huet

Clos du Bourg extends over 6 hectares of vines in Vouvray. It gives birth to powerful and full-bodied wines. A very good Vallée de la Loire estate. Since its foundation in 1928, the Domaine Huët de Vouvray has been the standard-bearer of the great Chenin Blanc. And to this day, year after year, the estate produces some of the world's most fascinating white wines - and in a remarkable range that covers sparkling, dry, semi-dry and breathtaking dessert styles.


The best wines of Domaine Huet

  • - Le Haut-Lieu - The original vineyard of Huët is about 9 hA. It has the richest soils of the three crus of the estate, deep limestone clay and the wines are generally the most affordable. In some vintages, small quantities of neighbouring plots may be added to the Haut-Lieu.
  • - Le Mont - For many initiates, the argument about the largest vineyard in Vouvray can be summed up in two sites: Le Mont and Clos du Bourg. Unquestionably a vineyard grand cru, Le Mont benefits from a prime location on the Première Côte. With less clay and more stone than Le Haut-Lieu, Le Mont produces young wines with an intense minerality. With age, the wines develop great length and finesse.
  • - The Clos du Bourg - Gaston Huët thought that this was the largest vineyard in Vouvray. With the shallowest and finest soils of the Première Côte, its wines often synthesize the intense minerality of Le Mont with the generous texture of Le Haut-Lieu.
  • - Cuvée Constance - Since 1989, the estate has also produced this magical botrytised dessert wine selected from one, two or three vineyards. Once made, the Cuvée Constance (named after Gaston's mother) ranks among the best dessert wines in the world.


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