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The essence of their wines is the result of the intimate relationship between grape variety, terroir and climate.

These winegrowers produce quality wines with unfailing regularity, vintage after vintage. They are particularly looking for the following characteristics in each of their vintages :


The balance between acidity, sweetness and alcohol

Digestibility, focus on freshness and elegance and avoid heaviness at all costs.

The purity, our wines are straight and limpid, without artifice.

The personality, each cuvée is unique and reflects the best expression of its terroir, grape variety and vintage.


In addition to producing wines from their vineyards, they select with particular attention the producers with whom they work on demanding criteria. They only collaborate with producers from the commune of Bergheim and its surroundings and are uncompromising about the quality of their grapes. They work with them in a strong relationship of trust and proximity. They have succeeded in forging unfailing links for many years, some of them for several generations. For their customers, this is an additional guarantee of quality that is not to be neglected.

Find the most beautiful vintages of the estate on Comptoir des Millésimes.




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