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Château des Jacques from the estate

This is the famous Château des Jacques, a superb Beaujolais property. Long before it was bought by the famous Burgundy wine merchant Louis Jadot, this estate was the premier estate in the Beaujolais region. Above all, Château de Jacques was renowned for its unique Pinot Noir approach to its Gamay grapes, resulting in wines of considerable richness and texture, unmatched in the appellation. Find all the best references of this prestigious domain on Comptoir des Millésimes. This is one of our partner estates, which means that their wines are shipped directly to our cellar following their bottling at their estate. The winemakers reserve an allocation of their cases of wine for us each year. Do not hesitate to create an email alert (in the section my Alerts) on the Château des Jacques in order to be informed first of the latest arrivals.


Presentation of Château des Jacques

The arrival of Louis Jadot and cellar master Guillaume de Castelnau in 1996 only strengthened the appeal of the estate, consolidating Château des Jacques' position as the best Beaujolais producer in the region. It is a proud and historic property with an established pedigree in the production of quality wines. The cellars were built at the end of the 16th century, but the current château was not built until the mid-19th century. In the late 20th century, its major rebirth occurred when Louis Jadot bought the estate and installed Guillaume de Castelnau as winemaker - a retired cavalry major, no less. Then Jadot acquired another property, Chateau Bellevue, in the Morgon area in 2001, and merged the two properties under the name Chateau de Jacques in 2008. But most importantly, the arrival of de Castelnau marked a new era of prosperity for Chateau de Jacques; de Castelnau brought major changes to the estate's viticultural and winemaking practices. For starters, maceration times during fermentation were lengthened, as was the use of new French oak. Guillaume has also put the property on the path to biodynamic certification, eliminating chemical fertilizers and herbicides as much as possible, demonstrating a deep respect for the incredibly diverse terroir of the Beaujolais region. As five separate sites have been isolated from the other Gamay vines on the estate (due to the superiority of their terroir), each is aged in new oak, bringing the Côte d'Or ethic to Beaujolais.

Today, Château de Jacques is both a stunningly beautiful property and a shining example of what can be achieved in a once maligned region of Burgundy. The wines show a sumptuous, velvety quality never before seen, especially the grand crus, which have the structure to age for decades. In fact, they are an ideal response to naysayers who claim that Gamay cannot compete with the best wines of the Côte d'Or - in fact, these are the most magnificent wines produced in Beaujolais today.


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