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Presentation of Domaine du Monteillet, Stéphane Montez

Stéphane Montez's Domaine du Monteillet produces red and white wines in the appellations of Saint-Joseph with Cuvée du Papy, Côte-Rôtie with the cuvées Fortis, Bons Arrêts and Les Grandes Places, Condrieu with the cuvées Les Grandes Chaillées, Chanson and Candice. Stéphane Montez also offers the cuvées Les Hauts du Monteillet, Syrah à Papa and Petit Viognier.

Concerning the cuvées, the cuvée Fortis is one of the most beautiful of Côte Rôtie. For connoisseurs of the region's wines, Stéphane Montez is a key player in the Rhône.

The Fortis 2016 of Montez shows a purple / garnet / dark color. Still young, the nose reveals itself after some airing. This great wine offers to the nose fruity notes (black fruits), liquorice, rocky notes, smoked bacon. A deep and elegant wine confirmed by a mouth of great power, but associated with its enormous delicacy. We find this delicacy in the tannins. On the palate, it is still black fruit, with floral notes. It is young and will keep very well in the cellar for at least 5 years before revealing its potential. It has an enormous ageing potential.


One of the most prestigious is "La cuvée du Papy". The old vines of this cuvée can be found on superb hillsides. La cuvée du Papy exists since 1989. It is a tribute to the father of Stéphane Montez, who has been a grandfather since 89.

These are very well-balanced wines with a ruby/purple color. On the nose, we find peppery and floral (violet) notes. Add to this notes of blackcurrant, tapenade, smoked meat and laurel. A particularly woody wine.

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