Domaine Hugel

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After 1918, a few lucid and courageous winegrowers decided to save the Alsatian vineyard: Frédéric Emile Hugel was one of them. This true pioneer devoted his entire life to producing and promoting great wines from noble grape varieties. His son Jean worked in the same direction; by his obstinacy and hard work he proved that Alsace wine deserves its place among the greatest wines in the world.

His three sons: Georges, Jean and André follow the same rigorous line of conduct; it is they who have obtained the official recognition of "Vendange Tardive" and "Sélection de Grains Nobles".

The next generation faithfully applies the great principles inherited from its ancestors. A noble mission awaits Jean-Philippe, Marc and Etienne: to make Alsace wine the great white wine of the 21st century.




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