The Domaine de Casenobe extends over about twenty hectares of vines surrounded by a few fruit orchards.

Appellation Rivesaltes Contrôlée - Vin Doux Naturel

Grape varieties
Casenobe wines are made from blends of historical Roussillon grape varieties: Grenache Noir, Gris, Blanc and Macabeu. White grape varieties represent 70% of the blend on average.

Harvesting and Vinification
Manual harvesting of course with a policy of quality. The savoir-faire to elaborate the Vins Doux Naturels is a crucial part of the heritage left to each generation since the 1900s. The wines are "mutés sur grains" with alcohol of vinous origin (wine spirits). This operation stops the alcoholic fermentation in order to preserve part of the natural sugar of the grape and its aromas. The sweet wines thus obtained can then be aged in oxidative environment in oak foudres and barrels.

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