Château Trimoulet

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Château Trimoulet
1986 Bordeaux Saint-Emilion Château Trimoulet 1986
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Château Trimoulet is linked to the Jean family who have occupied the property since 1802. For the first time in the history of this vineyard, a woman is in charge. Cécile Jean, 30 years old, represents with her husband David Dumont the ninth generation of the family. In 2016, Laurent Dassault, President of Dassault Wine Estates, acquires this grand cru of Saint-Emilion, bringing the surface area of Dassault Wine Estates to 60 hectares. This purchase reinforces the presence of the Dassault family in Saint-Emilion, already owners of the Châteaux La Fleur since 2002 and Faurie de Souchard since 2013.


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