The Chave family started the cultivation of the vines in 1472. It is part of these small estates, but is above all great in quality and evokes great inspiration in the estates of Rhône ! The Domaine Jean-Louis Chave has undergone a real evolution from the father Gérard Chave to his son, Jean-Louis. They can be described as visionaries and observers in the milieu, particularly of the Hermitage. They have a very recognized place in the French vineyard. Jean-Louis Chave, thanks to his savoir-faire and perfectionism, has innovated the world of winemaking. Indeed, each plot of the vineyard is based on the structure of a small, detailed Japanese garden: a symbol of high standards, quality, and which allows an exquisite result.

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Best red Chave Hermitage vintages: 2003, 2010, 2009, 1990, 2005. We also advise the 1989 vintage.


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