Buy the great wines of Henri and Gilles Remoriquet

The Domaine Remoriquet, owned by Henri and Gilles Remoriquet, is a 10-hectare wine estate located in Nuits-Saint-Georges. We have here a family estate, with many cuvées, each one more prestigious than the other. The production is made by hand, in a classic style. It is said of these wines that they age well, they develop wonderfully. Gilles Remoriquet, oenologist and winemaker, is passionate about Burgundy's viticulture. Domaine Remoriquet holds some very prestigious Nuits-Saint-Gorges, particularly premiers crus vinified separately.


How are the wines of Domaine Remoriquet?

Gilles Remoriquet produces a fine range of wines, mainly from Nuits St Georges , which require time in bottle to overcome their initial tannins. The range includes Hautes Côtes de Nuits, les Nuits St Georges, les Nuits St Georges les Allots and the premiers crus Bousselots, les Damodes, la Rue de Chaux et the St Georges ; with Vosne Romanée au Dessus des Malconsorts .

Tasting the wines of Domaine Remoriquet: Rich, dense and supple, with a very fruity character and tannins of a certain tenderness. There are notes of spices and an impressive finish.


Domaine Remoriquet's selection direct from the estate

TOP 5: Gilles Remoriquet Nuits-St-Georges "Les Damodes" 2005 / Gilles Remoriquet Nuits-St-Georges "Les St Georges" 2005 / Gilles Remoriquet Nuits-St-Georges "Rue de Chaux" 1er Cru 2002 / Gilles Remoriquet Vosne Romanée 1er Cru "Au Dessous des Malconsorts" 2013 / Gilles Remoriquet Nuits-St-Georges "Rue de Chaux" 1er cru 2009 


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