Dom Perignon 1999

Champagne - Dom Perignon

Sparkling Sparkling |
Level Perfect | Slightly stained
Detailed description
93/100 Robert Parker

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Dom Perignon 1999

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Dom Perignon 1999
Dom Perignon 1999
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Champagne - Dom Perignon 

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How to serve Dom Pérignon Champagne ?

To serve Dom Pérignon, we recommend cooling to a temperature of 8-10 degrees Celsius. Once the bottle has been opened, use a champagne flute to preserve the wine's delicate aromas and fine bubbles. Pour champagne slowly and at an angle to avoid excessive effervescence. Allow the wine to air in the glass for a few minutes to release all its aromas.


Food pairing with Dom Pérignon : 

Dom Pérignon goes perfectly with delicate, refined dishes. Seafood such as oysters, langoustines and scallops bring out the freshness and minerality of the champagne. Fish dishes, such as smoked salmon or turbot, also go very well with Dom Pérignon. Poultry dishes and mild cheeses like Brie also complement Champagne.


When to drink it ?

Dom Pérignon is a wine that can be enjoyed as soon as it comes onto the market, but it also has exceptional aging potential. As it ages, it develops more complex aromas and an even creamier texture. Bottles of Dom Pérignon should be stored in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight, to preserve their quality.


In short, Dom Pérignon Champagne is a symbol of excellence and savoir-faire in the world of wine. Its exceptional quality, rigorous production process and refined taste make it the ideal choice for a prestige tasting.

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Data sheet

Note Between 91 and 94
PR rating 93/100
Recoverable VAT No
Colour Sparkling
Format Bottle (75cl)
Vintage 1999
Volume 12,50 % vol - 75 cl
Appellation Champagne
Level Perfect
Label Slightly stained
Region Champagne
Incompatibility wooden box Yes
Champagne Houses Dom Pérignon
Prix More than €150


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