Château Villemaurine - Grand cru classé of Saint-Emilion

Continuous vineyard of 7 hectares, Château Villemaurine, Grand Cru Classified as Saint-Emilion, adjoins the city of Saint-Emilion on its eastern flank. It is thus at the centre of the Saint-Emilion appellation area.

What are the specificities of Château Villemaurine?

It is a real setting, exclusively located on the top of the astery-limestone plateau. The relief of the vineyard is very moderate, forming a slight hilltop on its western part and a sloping plateau slightly facing north on its eastern part.

Dictated by the characteristics of each vintage, the vinification of Château Villemaurine is chiselled differently every year. As much a wine lover as a wine connoisseur, Justin Onclin's philosophy combines respect for the terroir and the quest for excellence. Sustainable viticulture is honoured in the vineyard.

The vineyard offers in tasting a wine composed of 2 grape varieties:

  • Merlot 80%
  • Cabernet Franc 20%

Only complexity, breed and finesse are sought after... All in length, minerality and distinction, the wines of Château Villemaurine reflects, year after year, the sublime expression of the most beautiful Saint-Emilion wines, up to a terroir that is exceptional in every way.

Under the guidance of Stéphane Derenoncourt, Justin Onclin invests in the renovation of vinification systems to produce a more precise and elegant wine. The wines thus express all the typicity and excellence of its terroir, promising a very bright future.

A Second Wine is produced at Château Villemaurine, "Les Angelots de Villemaurine", in order to make the most of the vineyard.

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