Riesling Roche Granitique 2019 - Zind-Humbrecht

Domaine Zind-Humbecht

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Autres vins du millésime 2019

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Dry white
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Riesling Roche Granitique 2019 - Zind-Humbrecht


Caution: The bottles of Alsace wine do not fit into the wooden boxes sold separately.

Indice of sweetness on the palate: 1 , analytically dry or dry tasting wine.


Bottling : February 2021

Alcohol content : 12.9°.

Residual sugar : 8.2 g/l

Total acidity : 4.7 g/l H2SO4 (7.2 g/l Tartaric)

pH : 3.0

Yield : 55 hl/ha

Optimum tasting: 2023-2034

Average age of the vines : 37 years

Terroir : Granite biotite


Description : "This wine is made from vines planted in the 90's and 2001 on the Grand Cru Brand as well as a small parcel just below. The "Turckheim" granite is in fact a biotite granite. It contains a lot of black mica which can be broken down into its finest form, clays, by soil bacteria and micro-organisms. These fine elements will eventually migrate deeper into the soil under the influence of tillage and rainwater. The clays bind minerals, combine with humus, and provide the vines with an interesting water reserve, which is important in these poor, drained soils. Of course, the vines have to be a certain age for the roots to reach these depths, but experience has shown us that root penetration can actually be quite rapid in this type of soil, especially if there is no compaction. Biodynamic farming also accelerates root growth. These vineyards benefit from an early and warm climate that will influence the ripening cycle, which is why they are often the first Riesling to be harvested on the estate. The grapes were very healthy, the acidity was surprisingly high and influenced the speed of fermentation. This was one of the last 2019s to finish."

Tasting in 2021: "Light gold colour. The nose is still slightly closed at this very early stage, developing quickly after aeration into classic citrus and fruit aromas. It also shows great concentration and a beautiful mineral sensation which is immediately confirmed in the mouth. The palate is generous, broad and velvety. This wine has a nice feel-good quality to it before tightening up around a velvety, straight finish. The acidity is ripe and saline and provides excellent support to the wine."


Indice: Sweetness level on the palate. Scale from 1 to 5.

1: analytically dry or tasting dry. 2: not analytically dry, but sugars are not noticeable on the palate. Some tasters may find a slight roundness in the finish. These wines will taste dry with some bottle ageing. 3: medium sweetness, higher in the youth of the wine, which will gradually fade with age. 4: Sweet wine. 5: Sweet wine, very close to a Vendange Tardive.


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